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Coming home: Navajo to get treaty that ended imprisonment

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“[M]y heart knew right away that it should go to the Navajos,” Weaver. marking the end of their imprisonment in New Mexico and making them.

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The Long Walk of the Navajo , also called the Long Walk to Bosque Redondo (Navajo: Hwéeldi), refers to the 1864 deportation and attempted ethnic cleansing of the Navajo people by the government of the United States of America. Navajos were forced to walk from their land in what is now Arizona to eastern New Mexico. Some 53 different forced marches occurred between August 1864 and the end of 1866.

Clare "Kitty" Weaver next to the first public display of her ancestor's copy of the Navajo Treaty of 1868 prior to the 150th Commemoration of its.

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article College students receive scholarships from Navajo Transitional Energy Company.. article Coming home: Navajo to get treaty that ended imprisonment .

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The Treaty of Bosque Redondo was an agreement between the Navajo and the US Federal Government signed on June 1, 1868. It ended the Navajo Wars and allowed for the return of those held in.. In total, 29 would make their mark, and the treaty was signed on June 1, "American Civil War: Andersonville Prison".

Navajo Redemption No doubt, in agreeing to these provisions, lawmakers pursued protectionist policies to bolster textile manufactures and agricultural interests at home. Even in negotiating. or the protection.